Have Guitar Will Travel 099 – Trapper Schoepp

Have Guitar Will Travel 099 – Trapper Schoepp

In episode 99 of “Have Guitar Will Travel”, presented by Vintage Guitar Magazine, host James Patrick Regan speaks with guitarist Trapper Schoepp. In their conversation they cover:
Recording his latest album “Siren Songs” that was recorded in Johnny Cash’s cabin in Hendersonville, TN. He used Johnny’s ‘30’s era Martin that has a reputation in itself. And he had an opportunity to play Luther Perkins Fender Telecaster.
They discuss growing up in Minnesota moving to Milwaukee and his musical education brought by his dad’s record collection and a very bad BMX bike accident that led to a serious spinal surgery and a purchase of a Martin guitar.
They discuss a chance meeting while vintage clothes shopping that led to a find of a pristine 1930’s era Rickenbaker lap steel. And another chance meeting with a relative of the Dopyera brothers in a park led to the gift of a vintage Dobro. They discuss a few more random guitar gifts that are a little more than spectacular. Please like, comment and share this podcast! Listen Here!

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