Have Guitar Will Travel 100 – Brian Venable (Lucero)

Have Guitar Will Travel 100 – Brian Venable (Lucero)

In episode 100 of “Have Guitar Will Travel”, presented by Vintage Guitar Magazine, host James Patrick Regan speaks with Brian Venable from the alternative band Lucero. In their conversation they cover:
Lucero’s new album “Should’ve Learned By Now” and the origins of the band Lucero, their first show, they played the only six songs Brian knew.
Brian tells us about his influences, Buck Owens Lynyrd Skynyrd both from a stack of records he found on the side of the street and growing up in Memphis the son of a cobbler who wanted to be a musician.
They discuss the Memphis punk scene.
Brian tells us about his first “real” guitar 1975 Guild Starfire that he ended up trading for a used pair of Doc Martens.
They discuss the rest of Brian’s gear including a 14lb Flying V made by luthier Travis Perkins and a ‘73 Fender Princeton he got from his dad.
You can find out more about Brian and his band at their website: https://luceromusic.com Please like, comment and share this podcast! Listen Here!

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