NEWMAN Guitars USA and Cream T Custom Shop UK join forces.

NEWMAN Guitars USA and Cream T Custom Shop UK join forces.

NEWMAN Guitars announces a joint venture with Cream T Custom Shop to build guitars in the UK. Whether it’s the NEWMAN 5 String from Keith Richards or the Cream T Pickup Scanning DNA of Billy F Gibbons 59 Les Paul known around the world as Pearly Gates, both companies have captured and applied the innovations of an artist. These two companies independently expanded the tonal spectrum and that’s why this partnership of technology, heritage and innovation makes sense. Tonally, Cream T will be providing a broad pallet of custom and classic pickup options for these NEWMAN/Cream T Custom Shop guitars.


Jeff Smith, CEO of NEWMAN Guitars says “Together we can do what has never been done before. Many things we’ve learned from the artists have not been commercially available or applied on a consistent basis…until now. We’ve both been learning from artists who’ve taught us to stretch for new tones. So, it makes sense to work together and apply what we’ve learned for the benefit of the player and the guitar family.”

The venture is designed to make more NEWMAN Guitars available on a consistent basis for those tone seekers on the hunt. Tim Lobley, CEO of Cream T Custom Shop says “I’m so excited about this partnership – it takes us in so many directions: some we know and some we have yet to discover. It will allow more access for the players and more options with beauty, consistency and design of a NEWMAN/ Cream T Custom Shop Guitar.”

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