Samantha Fish


Samantha Fish’s latest continues an artful trajectory combining pop and gritty blues; Faster seduces the listener as it showcases empowerment, self-reflection, and taking control of one’s destiny. Under the watchful eye of producer Martin Kierszenbaum (Sting, Lady Gaga), Fish’s seventh solo record effortlessly ignores the blues police on “Twisted Ambition,” with a pumping bass line, radio-friendly choruses, and nasty guitar licks. “Forever Together” and “Hypnotic” abandon the blues entirely, as they surreptitiously implant dark lyrical content within groovy pop beats.

Faster is a production-heavy affair that’s less about live studio performances; instead, it leans into implanting compelling sounds, clever instrumentation, and dynamics with Fish’s sultry drawl to pull you in. “Loud” is an excellent example of this as it builds to a crescendo and features guest rapper Tech N9ne and Samantha’s badass blues-rock solo. “Imaginary War” displays inspired guitar riffage and wah work with finesse and soul. Her solos on this track are wild and spicy.

Finally, “So-Called Lover” is a power pop-meets-blues mashup, with ballsy rhythm work and extroverted soloing. Fish speaks her truth through words, production, guitar, and juxtaposing genres.

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