The Darkness


Once you get past Justin Hawkins’ love it-or-hate it falsetto, The Darkness is a fierce, rockin’ band that wears its influences proudly. Case in point: “Welcome to Tae Glasgae” finds Justin and his brother, Dan, spewing riffs and solos over incendiary anthems, à la Queen, AC/DC, Meatloaf, and the Sex Pistols. And they do it incredibly well.

Part of an overall concept about a sex robot (a perfectly campy Darkness topic), “It’s Love, Jim” cooks, thanks to chords draped with 4×12 crunch. “Motorheart” borrows the guitar theme from Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy,” pumping it up with chunky slide. Nor do The Darkness fear a pop melody, as in “Jussy’s Girl” – imagine here if Rick Springfield joined Def Leppard.

“Sticky Situations” launches with humongous axe tones, mixed with acoustic guitars and Queen-infused harmonies; you’d be hard-pressed to find better-recorded power chords. For lead thrills, “Nobody Can See Me Cry” has a fretburning solo that doesn’t hide its Brian May pedigree.

Again, take Justin’s Rocky Horror Picture Show vocals with a grain of salt; they’re part of the act. Guitar-wise, the Hawkins brothers rock as hard as anyone, and there are a million killer riffs on Motorheart.

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