Suzi Quatro

The Devil In Me
Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro: Tina Korhonen.

Why didn’t Suzi Quatro become a star in America? The ahead-of-her-time Detroit native, now 71, had a distinctive voice, catchy glam/hard-rock songs, media attention, and played bass. TV appearances on “Happy Days” and a pop duet with Chris Norman (“Stumblin’ In,” which reached #4 in 1979), should’ve sealed the deal. Instead, she only had minor U.S. solo success while becoming a huge celeb in Europe and Australia.

Quatro, whose debut appeared in 1973, has released a punchy new album with help from her son, guitarist Richard Tuckey. It’s loaded with simple riffs, catchy hooks, and shout-along choruses.

A dirty guitar lick and memorable chorus drive “The Devil In Me,” while “Hey Queenie” swaggers with Tuckey’s rhythms and riffs. “You Can’t Dream It” has a gliding new-wave feel with smooth vocals, scratchy guitar, and bass fills. “My Heart and Soul” is a relaxed, Motown-flavored Christmas song, while the bouncy funk-rock of “Do Ya Dance” includes twangy rhythm guitar and horns. Chugging guitar fuels the punk-styled “I Sold My Soul Today.” The slinky R&B rhythmic pulse of “In the Dark” is due to saxophone and guitar fills.

Quatro’s style hasn’t changed much, but The Devil In Me is still a welcome dose of rockin’ fun.

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