Greta Van Fleet

The Battle at Garden’s Gate
Greta Van Fleet
Jake Kiszka

Surviving the slings and arrows of Led Zeppelin comparisons, a world tour, and Grammy win, Greta Van Fleet’s second LP delivers some of the most-beloved tropes from ’70s rock. Bassist Sam Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, vocalist Josh Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner (along with producer Greg Kurstin) shine a light on just how much popular rock has changed and regressed.

Melding psychedelia, orchestra, and Zep-style musical flourishes, GVF cannot escape its source material. Jubilant chord voicings jangle and crash sweetly against Josh’s stratospheric wailing and Kurstin’s warm production. It’s a banquet of dreamy epic rock, pretentious touchy-feely lyrics, and ’70s-era Rush – all a good thing. Jake offers bombastic perfection as his multi-tracked guitars blend with piano, cello, organ, and vocal layers. “Age of Machine” and “Stardust Chords” echo the sounds of late-night, marijuana-drenched deep cuts. Jake is a student of the epic blues-rock guitar solo and handles his business like a boss.

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is a philosophical think piece on love, materialism, and modernity that finds the young ensemble evolving with confidence.

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