EMG Pickups Introduces NAMM 2020 Lineup

EMG Pickups Introduces NAMM 2020 Lineup

Jim Root Signature ‘Daemonum’ Pickup Set

Santa Rosa, CA (January, 2020) – EMG Pickups announces the highly anticipated Signature Set of Slipknot guitarist and longtime EMG Artist, Jim Root. The Jim Root Daemonum Signature Set will be released at NAMM 2020 and available for pre-order starting Friday January 10th through the EMG Pickups website.
Root, a long time user of the EMG 81/60 combo, began the process of developing a signature set well over three years ago. After trying various prototypes, Root was inspired by a set of modified Retro Active pickups to tailor his tone. He settled on a set that gave him everything he loved about the 81/60 with the added benefits and versatility of the Retro Active design.
Unlike traditional open coil pickups, both the bridge and neck pickups utilize stud poles in both coils. The fingerboard pickup uses ceramic studs giving it a clean high-end tone and percussive response. The bridge pickup has black steel poles and features a ceramic magnet, similar to the EMG 81. Both pickups feature custom Retro Active preamps exclusive to the Root set.
The Jim Root ‘Daemonum’ Set features EMG solderless wiring that is manufactured in California and will be available in both Zebra & Black. The Zebra ‘Daemonum’ set will also be featured in Root’s 2020 Fender Signature Jazzmaster.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGbV0EhtOLM&feature=youtu.be
EMG Link: https://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/signature-sets/jr-daemonum-set.html
MSRP: $319.99 MAP: $229.00


Robert Trujillo ‘Riptide’ Signature Pickup

Trujillo has been using the EMG J Set since before his days in Metallica. Now he is truly metal, trusting his original tone combined with a modern, new look. Because of the custom stainless steel caps, these pickups maintain their original sound that’s been used in the industry for decades.
The pickups are designed for traditional 4 string jazz bass spacing but are suitable for narrow 5 string instruments as well, due to the utilization of bar magnets instead of pole pieces. They come with EMG’s solderless wiring harness for a standard volume/volume/tone setup. Pre-Order yours Friday, January 10th at www.emgpickups.com.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbtk9ii9cxk&feature=youtu.be
EMG Link: https://www.emgpickups.com/bass/signature-sets-bass/rt-set.html
MSRP: $309.99 MAP: $219.00


57/66-TW Dual Mode Set

In 2010 EMG Pickups introduced the 57/66 Set. Now, 10 years later, they are releasing the dual mode versions of one of their most popular sets. These pickups feature selectable single and dual coil sounds using EMG’s proprietary three coil design.
The 66TW neck pickup features its popular humbucker design, while the single coil selection gives the player brilliant fluidness. The 66TW is a true hybrid in design using both ceramic and alnico magnets. By utilizing both magnet types, the tone from the single coil position is clear and powerful.
The 57TW bridge pickup uses a combination of alnico and steel making it a true rocker in both single and dual coil positions. The single coil selection is smooth and seamless and the high resonance of the pickup carries the tone with unequivocal clarity.
This being the extension of the popular 57/66 Set, EMG has taken this set to a whole new level. The 57/66 TW Set includes EMG’s solderless wiring harness with a push pull potentiometer for each pickup along with two standard tone controls to fit any configuration. Available for Pre-Order Friday, January 10th and available in Black, Chrome, Black Chrome, Brushed Chrome or Brushed Black Chrome.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMUwHg71Efk&feature=youtu.be
EMG Link: https://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humbucking/57-66-tw-set.html
Starting at MSRP: $359.99 MAP: $269.00


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