GluBoost MasterGlu, Fill N’ Finish, MasterTint, and Gludry Accelerator

GluBoost MasterGlu, Fill N’ Finish, MasterTint, and Gludry Accelerator
Prices: $15 (Fill N’ Finish, MasterGlu), $44 (MasterTint).

There exists a subculture of guitarists who build, customize, or resurrect their own instruments, or help friends with theirs. GluBoost’s line of glues, dry accelerators, and wood finishing products allows even such novice luthiers or their techs the same quality of products used by their professional counterparts.

GluBoost’s MasterGlu is offered in Thin as well as Ultra Thin formulas, providing transparent clarity for finely crafted fret repair and binding work. It goes on super clear and holds like granite. It’s also a rock-solid adhesive for inlay repair or new builds – and all GlueBoost products are carcinogen-free.

Fill N’ Finish is ideal for a variety of wood builds, repairs, top coating, and inlay work. It works for any number of projects and provides resilience and flexibility with practically no witness lines – great for filling dings, dents, pores, gaps, and cracks for quick repairs or long-term projects. The Pro Formula is made for spruce, mahogany, rosewood, and cedar, while Thin works best for less-porous woods like ebony, maple, and koa. It provides top base and top-coating on fills and provides thinner finish.

The MasterTint Color Matching System provides color additives for repairs or restorations; it’s available in seven colors that can be mixed to match any guitar and requires no solvent.

Last, but not least, Gluboost’s non-blushing Gludry Accelerator is hard to beat for speeding up the set process. Two seconds is all it takes leaving a clear finish.

This article originally appeared in VG December 2017 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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