KHDK Offers Ghoul Jr. Overdrive


KHDK Electronics is celebrating the birthday of co-founder Kirk Hammett with the launch of its new Ghoul Jr. Overdrive micro pedal. Finished in metallic purple with a ghoulish face created by San Francisco tattoo artist Tim Lehi, it offers the most-used features from the company’s Ghoul Screamer in half the size and with twice the available gain. Its Drive controls alters gain ranging from clean boost (with midrange hump) to heavier overdrive with increased harmonics, compression, and power. Other controls include Volume and Tone, along with switches for Style to select from three levels of gain/headroom, and Voice to select Bass or Body EQ presets. Wired for true-bypass functionality, it runs on external nine-volt power. KDHK pedals are engineered and built by Antonin Salva in Paducah, Kentucky. For more, visit