The Jelly Jam


The Jelly Jam

The Jelly Jam’s forth album is a weighty recording that combines the best elements of modern prog and aspects of King’s X. Nobody does dark and moody like King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor. With the combined chemistry of Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein and Dream Theater bassist John Myung, they make powerful art.

Tabor conjures suggestive imagery and atmosphere that allows you to dial in your own narrative. This gives Morgenstein and Myung a platform to display their talented blend of visceral power and cohesiveness in service to a meaningful purpose. Tabor describes the concept of the album as “A fight between progress and jobs at all cost, and not thinking about any future payments that are going to have to be made.” The album cover displays a hooded monk holding the scales of justice and the word “Prophet” crossed out and replaced with the word “Profit.”

Famous for his drop-tuned arpeggiation, punishing chordal clusters, and spiraling guitar solos, Tabor brings his impassioned A game prodded by a super-talented rhythm section. Opulent soundscapes and soloing, morph into leaps in dynamics. Highlights include “Stain On The Sun,” “Water,” and “Care.”

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