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Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Live In Hyde Park 50 Years: The Official History
The Who


If you’ve been feeling low on the Who, there’s a cornucopia of new releases, from video to music to an official book authored by Pete Townshend and RThe Who Isle of Wightoger Daltrey. And if that isn’t enough, their 50th Anniversary tour is on the way as well.


The film and recording of the Who’s ’70 show at the Isle of Wight is considered one of their most incendiary performances ever. The band rolls out a hit fest, from “Pinball Wizard” to “My Generation.”

The Who Hyde Park

The Hyde Park show foreshadows the 50th tour, and is also a greatest-hits collection played live. The package includes two CDs and a video disc.

Best yet, though, is the book. It’s 320 pages packed with memories and memorabilia from the dynamic duo’s archives, along with classic photos, concert posters, and more. It’s truly a The Who 50 yearshistory of the era, done righteously.


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