Star Board: Bruce Kulick

Star Board: Bruce Kulick

Bruce KulickBruce Kulick played lead guitar in Kiss for more than a decade, and today stays busy as a solo performer and tours as a member of Grand Funk Railroad. Speaking of, here’s his primary pedalboard setup for that gig. “It’s simple and old-school,” he said. “I put them together with short cables, batteries only, and off I go, not too much fuss. ”

Kulick’s signal enters the board going into an A/B (#1) to mute his old Boss TU-12 tuner (#2). “It’s nice to look at a VU meter!” he said. “Otherwise, first up is a  Boss SD-1 (#3); I prefer the Japanese issues, and the new Waza is cool, too. Then, into a Dunlop wah (#4); mine has a boost, but I don’t use it. Next is a Washburn Chorus (#5) from the ’80s. I like its tone – it slightly brightens the signal and adds a great “wave.” The Coron (#6) is a copy of an MXR 90. A Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe (#7) is next, and last up are the two delays; one is my favorite analog unit – a vintage Boss DM-2 (#8). I use a slight slap delay on it, for depth.  The last pedal is a Boss DD-5 (#9), which I use for long delays on a few songs.”

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