Little Charlie and the Nightcats – Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

Alligator has started a “best of” line that features cuts from various artists. Here’s one of the first, and if future releases are this nice, it’ll be a definite plus for the great blues label.

Plain and simple, Charlie Baty is one helluva guitar player. I’ve loved him ever since I heard the first Little Charlie and the Nightcats album over a decade ago. He can do it all. Old-fashioned, swingin’ jump blues, funky blues, Coasters-like songs, even straight-ahead bebop. Add that to singer Rick Estrin’s vocals and harmonica, and you have one killer band. An excellent collection by an unsung band and guitarist.

By the way, the packaging on this Deluxe Editions is pretty cool. There’s the normal CD liners with notes and all, but there’s also a fold-out that features a poster of the artist on one side and various photos on the other. Nice job, Alligator!

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