Lari Basilio

Your Love
Lari Basilio
Lari Basilio: Eduardo Orelha.

Lari Basilio’s latest recording is a melodic and shred-tastic, yet compassionate, antidote to the effects of lockdown. The Brazilian phenom plays with spellbinding authority, feel, and subtextual themes, reminding listeners that God loves them. “Fearless” is an upbeat lick fest with a positive groove, hip use of double-stops, and major-key Nashville-style vocal.

Lari Basilio

Basilio’s strengths are compositions that hold interest by turning on a dime. Leaning into her gift for the tuneful, the song “Alive And Living” mixes funky riffs, well-placed octave work, and verses that shift between textural shadows and light. Your Love is full of supple whammy work dovetailing nicely into the title track’s earnest ballad. Nods to Steve Vai and Andy Timmons are evident, but Basilio concocts her own musical brew.

Basilio displays a soulful earthiness and impressive use of arpeggiation on “Here For You,” then goes full-throttle on the epic “Running To The Other Side” with its cool drum samples and high-velocity 64th notes. Suddenly, she makes a sharp turn into the world of instrumental smooth pop with fine acoustic guitar on “It’s All Right” and “It’s Been A While.” The smooth-jazz radio format would be lucky to have her.

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