E-H Intros 8 Step Program


EH 8-step ProgramThe Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Program connects to an expression pedal or control-voltage input on another device to give sequencer control over parameters that respond to expression pedals or CV generators such as oscillators, filters, delay parameters, etc. Sequences can be modified with the pedal’s multi-function Mode switch that delivers control over sequence length, direction, depth and glide rate. It has four direction modes – Forward, Reverse, Bounce, and Random – and its sequence rate can be set with the Rate slider, Tap Tempo footswitch, or via MIDI clock, which permits syncing to an external device like a drum machine. Five Tap Tempo Divide modes add rhythmic diversity. An expression pedal/CV input enables external, real-time control of rate, depth, glide, and sequence length. It can store 10 user pre-sets, and an optional foot controller expands pre-sets to 100. Learn more at www.ehx.com.

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