March 2010



The VG Hall of Fame ’09
Time for the annual selection of inductees. This year’s field of nominees was as strong as ever, and voters clamored by the hundreds to let their choices be known.

The Silvertone 1304
Well before founding Danelectro, Nat Daniel was making amps for department stores. This one is the short-lived predecessor to the Silvertone 1344, and there are a few interesting differences between them. By Dave Hunter

Bound Mosrite Ventures The high point of Semie Moseley’s career came in the ’60s, when his company, Mosrite, teamed with The Ventures. This early bound-body Ventures model is one of the rarest guitars bearing the band’s name. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

George Benson
A master guitarist brings jazz to the masses
In a career spanning 45 years, he has reached heights few jazz artists have aspired to, let alone attained. The platinum-selling singer/guitarist boasts 10 Grammys, and 16 of his 70-odd albums have topped Billboard’s Jazz chart, with one reaching number one in Jazz, Pop, and R&B. By Dan Forte

The Peavey T-60
Prior to this, guitars were mostly made by hand in a luthier’s shop. But when a man from Mississippi decided the world needed an American-made guitar to compete with Gibson, Fender, and Japanese offerings, he brought something new to the table. By Michael Wright

Charlie McCoy
Startin’ With Six-String
His studio career spanned a half century, dozens of country and pop hits, 35 solo albums, and several instruments, all leading up to his 2009 induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. By Rich Kienzle

The Guild B401-A
Guild founder Al Dronge was a traditionalist. After his passing in ’72, the company designed a series of solidbody instruments that not only avoided looking like Gibsons, but avoided looking like anything else. Here’s one of them. By Willie G. Moseley


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George Gruhn
“The Professor” Reflects on 40 Years
By Ward Meeker

James McMurtry
Got Live If You Want It
By John Heidt

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Kenny Lee lewis
The Joker’s Right-Hand Man
By John Heidt

The Lacey Act
Guitar Industry Copes with Restrictions
By Ward Meeker

Michael Landau
Music of the Mind
By Oscar Jordan

Jeff Hanna
Back to the Dirt
By John Heidt

Don Alder
Canadian Fingerstyle Master
By Pete Prown


The (Way) Back Beat
The Fiddler’s Six-String Dreams
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

The Guitars of Bowie
By Wolf Marshall

Santa Cruzing
By Steven Stone


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Mod Squad: The Epiphone Valve Junior
By David Jung

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Wraps on a Saddle
By Dan Erlewine

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Cold Warrior
By Will Kelly


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The New Lost City Ramblers
By Dan Forte

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