Ampeg Adds B-15 Heritage, PF-800 Head

Ampeg Heritage B-15N/PF-800
Ampeg Heritage B-15N

Ampeg’s Heritage B-15N is a circuit-board-based all-tube amp. It has two channels (labeled “1964” and “1966”), the company’s flexible Baxandall EQ, and selectable bias modes. Its flip-top, double-baffle cabinet is covered in black-diamond tolex.

Ampeg PF-800
Ampeg PF-800

The PF-800 is a compact 800-watt head with hi/lo boosts and, five-position Midrange control, and onboard compression. It attaches to the flip-top lid of Ampeg’s PF-115HE or PF-210HE cabinets. Learn more at

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