Bruce Brown

Off the Edge
Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown, whose day job is filling the guitar chair for Charlie Daniels, offers up an eclectic mix of music on his new solo disc, Off the Edge.

Immediately impressive is the taste and patience with which Brown plays. He’s not in your face with solos, as the melody of soul tunes like “Trap Jaw” are often the highlight. The song features Brown and saxophonist John Heinrich teasing the melody until it’s very stuck in your head. No dazzling displays of virtuosity, just a great song.

Most of the tunes make obvious nods to pop music of the past, along with soul and some country. Harmonized guitar parts highlight songs like “Opposites Attract,” which sounds like a breezy pop hit from the West Coast circa ’78. Atmospheric slide is the highlight of the pop ballad “Before the Fall.” Some jazz influences enter the picture on cuts like “Where’s Migs?” with its guitar and sax interplay and the tasty, popping solo from Brown. And “How Does It Feel” is a breezy tune with the lovely melody being stated by Brown on guitar and Casey Wood on vibes. It’s a song that has “smooth jazz hit” written all over it.

After years in the business, Off the Edge is a perfect release from a guitarist with diverse tastes and influences.

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