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Stone River Boys

Love On the Dial
Cow Island Music
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The Stone River Boys feature Dave Gonzalez (formerly of the Hacienda Brothers and Paladins) and Mike Barfield (ex-Hollisters), and given the band’s pedigree, it’s no wonder this is surprising stuff; equal parts Buck Owens and James Brown, one could (more…)

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Jimmie Vaughan

Blues, Ballads and Favorites
Shout Factory
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Jimmie and brother Stevie Ray thankfully recorded a duo album before tragedy struck in the form of a helicopter accident that took SRV’s life in 1990. It was four years before the elder Vaughan emerged with a solo CD. The bold Strange Pleasure mixed (more…)

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Astronauts’ Guitarist Bob Demmon Passes


Bob Demmon, guitarist in the Colorado-based surf band The Astronauts, died December 18. He was 71. In addition to being a successful surf band from a landlocked state, the Astronauts were known for their matching outfits and matching Fender guitars. In…

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Philanthropists Adopt Music-Education Programs


More than 100 supporters of music education gathered at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch this month for a private fundraiser, where they adopted 12 music programs from across the United States. The programs ranged from school music classrooms to music therap…

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Engl Launches Smolski, GigMaster Amps


The Engl Victor Smolski Limited Edition amplifier produces 100 watts output using 6L6 tubes and has controls for Volume and Gain on each of its four channels, as well as Middle-voiced switching, effects loop, noise gate and Engl’s Electronic Power…

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Traveler EG-2 Escape


The Traveler Escape EG-2 is a 25 ½"-scale electric guitar with a maple neck and maple fretboard. At 29 ½" long, the EG-2 stows easily in airline overhead compartments and weighs less than five pounds. Its two single-coil pickups fee…

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Slash to Join Ozzy On Tour


Slalsh will join Ozzy Osbourne for a five-week U.S. arena tour beginning January 16 in Omaha and wrapping February 22 in Jacksonville. For the trek with his bandmates Myles Kennedy (lead vocals), Bobby Schneck (rhythm guitar), Todd Kerns (bass) and Bre…

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Sheptone Releases Tele Pickups


Sheptone’s latest pickups are based on designs from the Fender Telecaster. The bridge pickup is wound using #42 enamel wire with a standard resistance set of 7.6K, and the neck to 7.3K with #43 enamel wire. Alnico V magnets are standard, with Alnico II…

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Cusack Effects Announces Tap-A-Delay


The Tap-A-Delay mixes analog signal with the delayed signal, using controls including Level, Mix, Feedback, and Delay. Delay time can be set to up to 750mS. Its housing has the company’s Tap-A-Delay, with its modified Brake Mode when holding the Tap Sp…

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Gibson Releases Clapton "Beano Burst"


The Gibson Custom Shop Eric Clapton 1960 Les Paul has been created with the close cooperation of Clapton, and closely referencing photographs. The result represents what Clapton personally feels his 1960 Les Paul should be. Every component in the build…

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