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Wes Montgomery – Live in ’65


Jazz guitar was forever split into two schools early in its development, each defined by a stylistic genius – the bop-anticipating, electric lines of Charlie Christian and the acoustic swing of Gypsy Django Reinhardt. If there is a third headmaster, even though he began as a (more…)

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Dick Dale – King of the Surf


The Rosetta Stone of Dick Dale’s brand of surf guitar is 1962’s Surfer’s Choice, which, even though it was his first album, was largely a collection of the singles he’d already released on his own Deltone label. Having already reissued that classic on CD, Sundazed now (more…)

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Chris Duarte – Blue Velocity


It’s great to hear a plain-old guitar record. They used to be all over the place, but these days not so much. And while I’ve always been a Duarte fan, here he seems to be saying, “Here you go. I’m playing my guitar. Hope you like (more…)

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Laurie Morvan – Cures What Ails Ya


Few standard blues records by non-major artists offer any surprises. But Laurie Morvan adds a bit to the blues genre. Her songs aren’t all that different, but the playing is unique enough to make you take notice. Solos and fills lift this effort above your standard (more…)

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White Stripes – Icky Thump


Jack and Meg White get back to the guitar-and-drum thump their fans know and love, with the six-string up front, loud, and proud. On their new album, Icky Thump, Jack’s guitar is strong from the start, with the title cut’s pounding rhythm and cool single-line notes defining (more…)

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Waters, Winter & Cotton – Breakin’ It Up & Breakin’ It Down


Even though Waters was undoubtedly the most important blues artist in Chess Records’ stable (indeed, the most influential bluesman of his generation), when you look back on his discography, most of his albums for the label imposed some sort of gimmick. Muddy the acoustic folkie, Muddy (more…)

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August 2008


FEATURES COOL LOOKS, CLASSIC SOUNDS Retro-Inspired Basses As with fashion, cars, music, and other elements of pop culture, today’s electric bass market is chock full of instruments designed to look, sound, and play like classics from decades past. By Willie G. Moseley AMP-O-RAMA Early-’70s WEM Dominator MkIII Frumpy and dated though it may look, this […]

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The Holmes Brothers – State of Grace


It’s tough to write great songs and perform them well. But it’s another thing altogether to covergreat songwriters, make their songs your own, and do them well. And it’s an incredible feat when one band can do both. The Holmes Brothers are bassist/vocalist Sherman Holmes, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Wendell (more…)

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