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Jeff Babicz Acute model

Earful of Engineering

Writing about new gear is a problematic situation when you’re called Vintage Guitar magazine. Fortunately, most of the gear we review is based on long-accepted concepts. Even the advanced technology of a modeling guitar or amp falls in line; the gear is (more…)

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Rick Nielsen

Rockford State of Mind

One of the godfathers of the vintage guitar phenomenon, Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen was in an ebullient mood when he contacted VG… and not just because he’d acquired yet another five-neck guitar and a Guild he had been seeking (more…)

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The Domino Kings – Some Kind of Sign


Despite personnel changes, The Domino Kings continue to offer some of the finest traditional country music you’ll hear. Stevie Newman, Les Gallier, and Richie Rebuth all play guitars here, while David Sowers handles bass. Like the CD, the guitar parts (more…)

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The Gibson Brothers – Red Letter Day


Not a lot of bluegrass musicians hail from New York; there’s Dr. Banjo (Peter Wernick) and Mr. Mandolin (David Grisman), but after them the list gets short. The Gibson Brothers are New York natives – upper New York State, to be precise (more…)

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Geezer Butler

Sab Aside

Known for holding down the low-end for Black Sabbath, Terence “Geezer” Butler is usually busy with his band GZR whenever the Sabs go into stasis. A quartet with a sound more modern than Sabbath, GZR recently released Ohmwork (Sanctuary). Butler is originally from Birmingham, (more…)

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Davie Allan & the Arrows – Apache ’65, Blues Theme, & Cycle-Delic Sounds


Arriving just after instrumental surf music was dealt a knockout punch by the British Invasion, Davie Allan survived against all odds, providing numerous soundtracks to biker and teen exploitation movies and hitting the charts with a remake of the Shadows’ “Apache” and his fuzzfest “Blues Theme.” Allan has remained active throughout the decades, but has […]

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Robert Cray – Twenty


Once every couple of years, Cray puts out a well-crafted record with fine writing, guitar solos that ooze soul, and vocals that rank with the best. No change here. Twenty should make plenty of “best of the year” lists. This article originally appeared in VG‘s Nov. ’05 issue. All copyrights are by (more…)

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Drive By Truckers – The Dirty South


I confess, these good ol’ boys have become one of my favorite rock and roll bands. There double-disc opus, Southern Rock Opera , was one of my favorite records from the past couple of years. It’s a tribute, in effect, to (more…)

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Chicago Blues Box Kingston 18

Goin' Back to Chicago...

The latest creation from Dan Butler, of the Chicago-based Butler Custom Sound, is the Kingston. Available in 18- and 30-watt configurations, the Kingston is 1x 12 combo that features a Tone Tubby Brown Soun 12″ speaker, long-tank spring reverb, and (more…)

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David Lindley

String Theory

If David Lindley played just one of the stringed instruments in his arsenal, and concentrated on just one of the styles he has mastered and/or mutated, he would doubtless be considered one of the best and most original practitioners of that one thing. Instead, over (more…)

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