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Maxon FL-9, CS-9, and AD-9 boxes

Green flashbacks

Japan’s Maxon company has made some of the most popular guitar effects pedals of all time. But because they carried a different brand, you might not equate the box with the name. Here’s a not-so-subtle hint: green boxes. (more…)

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Opens Up


It used to be that photos didn’t lie. But nowadays (as supermodels and tabloids have proven) that’s not always true. But it is true that when Rod Price’s slide hand is in action, it isn’t easy to capture on film – as fans (more…)

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Burns Flyte

Unquestionably cool... but unsuccessful

If the United Kingdom had a Leo Fender, it was probably James O. Burns. England’s most famous and prolific guitarmaker, his legacy is reflected in guitars still being produced. Burns is most famous for the guitars he created before selling his business to Baldwin Piano and Organ Co. in 1965, including the Bison, Hank Marvin, […]

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