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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Univox Hi Flyer

Legacy of the Ventures

The Ventures had a powerful impact on both the worlds of rock music and guitars, as reflected in this ca. 1973 Univox Hi Flyer (a.k.a Hi Flier). In the early 1960s, the Ventures set the bar for instrumental rock with hits such as their rendition of Johnny Smith’s “Walk Don’t Run.” At the height of […]

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Carr Mecrury

Tone of the Gods?

Depending on where your affinities lie, the word “Mercury” can call to mind either the mythological messenger to the Roman gods, or upscale Ford cars. Amp builder Steve Carr’s latest combo shares the moniker, and many of the high-flying, upscale attributes that come with it. Like the Carr Slant 6V we tested in the November […]

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Tab Benoit – The Sea Saint Sessions

The Sea Saint Sessions

Tab Benoit is one of those guys whose recordings get into my head, and I can’t get them out. It started in the early ’90s with a wonderful song called “Nice and Warm.” He has a unique feel and sound for a bluesman in this day and age. Maybe it’s because he grew up in […]

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Riptones – Slant 6

Slant 6

You know, deep down, this is what it’s all about. The Riptones are, according to their press material, guys who, like most of us approaching middle age, still just love to get up and play music. And if this record is any indication of the shows they put on, a good time is guaranteed for […]

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Jeffrey P. Ross – My Pleasure

My Pleasure

You gotta love this kind of record. Ross has been around awhile, and probably isn’t real well-known to most folks. And it’s a blues album (for the most part anyway) from a guy who one wouldn’t associate with the blues. Ross might best be known for his work with Rank and File, and other projects. […]

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Fender California Stratocaster


Have you priced ’57 or ’62 reissue Strats recently? The pride of the Fender line ran about $750 when it was introduced in 1982, but today you’d be hard-pressed to find a used one for that price. However, you can find an assembled-in-America Strat that feels just like a ’62 reissue for less than $475. […]

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Dino Saluzzi – Responsorium


Argentine Dino Saluzzi is at the forefront of a new generation of bandonéonistas arriving on the scene since the overpowering force of Astor Piazzolla. Yet while many have remain trapped in the strands Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango web, Saluzzi has broken free and created his own voice. Saluzzi has recorded a long string of albums, from […]

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Cream – BBC Sessions

BBC Sessions

These cuts were recorded over a 15-month period from late 1966 to early ’68. They were cut for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Because of strict regulations on the number of phonograph records that broadcasters could play in Great Britain, BBC engineers would record the bands of the day in their studios. The popular groups would […]

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Tony Joe White – Snakey


The title track that opens the Swamp Fox’s latest offering sounds almost like a variation on his bluesy “As A Crow Flies,” from 1972′s The Train I’m On. Hallelujah! At this point in his career, White’s songwriting has earned him a comfortable enough living to allow him the luxury of doing what he damn well […]

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Bill Frisell – Blues Dream

Blues Dream

In some ways, Blues Dream is a bit of an odd title for this new release by guitar soundpainter Bill Frisell. Like several of his recent releases, the music is definitely dreamlike, with melodies riding atop underlying currents of sound. But the blues are here more in an atmosphere that permeates this album rather than […]

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