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Sonic Machine Factory 15 Watter


With tube amp gurus like Mark Sampson and Rick Hamel piloting the crew, we had a sneakin’ hunch that the Sonic Machine Factory’s 15 Watter we received for review was going to sound kick-ass. We weren’t disappointed. Sampson, fresh off a designing stint with the attitude-laden Bad (more…)

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Eric Clapton

A Return To The Crossroads

In many ways, 2004 marks a return to the crossroads for Eric Clapton. With his latest disc, Me And Mr. Johnson, the guitarist pays homage to one of his principal influences – the incomparable Robert Johnson. (more…)

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Rick Derringer

Different Directions

For all of his decades of experience as a guitarist, producer, and singer, Rick Derringer recently took his avocation in yet other musical directions. Among the classic instruments Derringer played throughout his career was a late-’50s Gibson Explorer. And nowadays, Derringer garners acclaim and (more…)

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The Bangles

Yesterdays... and Today

The Bangles are back! After a 10-year separation, the band that rose to prominence in the 1980s with such hits as “Manic Monday” and “Walk Like an Egyptian” reunited in ’99 to record “Get the Girl” for the second Austin Powers (more…)

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Parsons-White String Bender


On September 20, 1983, Jimmy Page re-emerged into the public eye after the death of John Bonham and the breakup of Led Zeppelin with a thundering ovation at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Instead of a sunburst Les Paul, the model synonymous with his onstage persona with Zep, Page chose as his primary (more…)

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Crowsong – Western


Crowsong’s first album was very atmospheric, with all sorts of guitar sounds flying about. This one has a more definite band feel, with songs that feel a little more familiar. That said, I thought both albums were quite good. Randy Clark plays the guitars, does (more…)

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Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets – Which Way Is Texas?

Which Way Is Texas?

Anson Funderburgh is one of the few – if not only – blues guitarists I’ve ever seen get an ovation for a chorus solo. Such applause might be common for jazz shows, but rare in a seedy blues club, (more…)

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Norman Blake – Old Ties, The Singer Songwriter Collection

Old Ties, The Singer Songwriter Collection

Rounder’s Heritage series specializes in new anthologies of previously released work – the musical equivalent of old wine in new bottles. Norman Blake’s Old Ties features selections that span from 1971 to 1990. Musical collaborators include (more…)

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Mark Selby – More Storms Comin’

More Storms Comin'

Mark Selby is best known as a songwriter. He’s written songs covered by the likes of the Dixie Chicks and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. But, here, on his Vanguard debut, he rocks out as his own man. It’s nice (more…)

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Gerald Weber – Advanced Tube Guitar Amplifier

Advanced Tube Guitar Amplifier

Gerald Weber is back with his third video on the inner workings of tube amps. It should be noted at the outset that this video is geared to advanced technicians (Weber has other videos for beginners). In this one, (more…)

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