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Lace California Twister

Just This Side of Twisted

When most people go shopping for a new guitar, they look for one with a nice, straight neck. But maybe we’ve been doing it all wrong… The California-based Lace company (of Lace Sensor fame) recently introduced three (more…)

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Ten Years After – The Anthology (1967-1971)


If you’re lucky enough to catch Ten Years After on classic rock radio these days, it’s likely the 1971 hit “I’d Love to Change the World.” As strong as that tune is, it barely skims the surface of a truly great (more…)

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Gibson Hawiian Guitars

EH-100 and EH-150

Introduction “No longer is the electric Hawaiian Guitar restricted to professional players – here is a genuine Gibson instrument that costs only $100, complete with instrument, case, amplifier with slip cover, and cord.” So introduced in Gibson’s Catalog X of very late 1936, (more…)

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August 2003


FEATURES BRUCE HALL A Quarter-Century with REO Speedwagon We catch up with the Champaign native who, 25 years ago, jumped at the chance to play with with some hometown boys destined for stardom. By Willie G. Moseley DAVE AMATO He’s been REO’s lead guitarist for 14 years, loves to hit the road regularly, and he’s […]

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