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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Dudley Connell and Don Rigsby – Another Saturday Night


Musical styles constantly evolve. If you love traditional music, this can be a problem. What is “genuine” and what is a synthesis that only appears to be authentic? Perhaps the best solution to this conundrum is to sit back and enjoy music if it sounds heartfelt and original. A good time to disregard issues of […]

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Reverend Hellhound 40/60

One step to "schizo"

Reverend Musical Instruments founder Joe Naylor’s head is always cranking out cool ideas. A Roberto-Venn graduate who in 1996 sold his amplifier company so he could start building guitars, Naylor recently went back to the future with the introduction of his Hellhound 40/60 amplifier. Designed by Dennis Kager (of Ampeg fame), Reverend says the Hellhound […]

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Frantone “The Sweet” Fuzz

Sturdy, Fuzzy, and Sweet

Frantone Electronics is a New York City company that has been hand-making a variety of effects pedals since 1994, and recently launched it’s germanium-transistor powered The Sweet, which the company says offers “…full bottom and crisp highs… and endless sustain…” Though simple in design, the Frantone units are very sturdy and include some nice touches […]

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Bill Kirchen

Tele Twang, Straight Up!

Bill Kirchen has had the good fortune to be associated with classic songs (“Hot Rod Lincoln”) and impressive sidekicks (Commander Cody, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Danny Gatton, etc.). Amongst guitarists, he earned a reputation for his barn-burning live licks and impressive stylistic diversity. Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a politically and socially conscious hotbed […]

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Rockabilly Rarities – Volume Two


Rockabilly Rarities Volume Two picks up where Volume One (“Spotlight,” June ’99) left off and features 30 tracks of rockin’, shakin’, foot-stompin’ music. Great/obscure labels like Bakers-field, Sure, Rebel, Cherry, Jan, Fox, Testa, Note, and Meteor are represented along with plenty of fun artists/groups including Larry Terry, Bill Woods, Wayne Williams and The Sure Shots, […]

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Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers – Beyond The Source


There is no group more dedicated to the blues idiom then Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers. And they are a group. You can rest assured this it not some off-the-cuff aggregation. These riffs and arrangements are thought out and articulated to the nth degree, without contrivance or any loss of emotional edge. Over 30 […]

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Don Rich and the Buckeroos – Country Pickin’: The Don Rich Anthology


The Don Rich collection is a 24-song retrospective featuring songs recorded when the late guitarist/fiddler was the instrumental hero of Buck Owens’ band. There’s lots of stuff here you’d expect. Killer instrumentals like “Buckaroo,” with its familiar jangly chordal work and chordal hammer-ons. There’s “Chaparral” with its short staccato bursts and chiming arpeggios. “Pickin’ Nickin’” […]

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Elvin Bishop and Little Smoky Smothers – That’s My Partner


Elvin Bishop should receive some sort of award. How many years now has he been serving up killer blues-rock and having more fun that any one person should be allowed to have? Here he’s joined by Smothers, who he met back in ’61, and according to the liner notes, he learned plenty about performing and […]

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Jason Jordan – Genuine Vinyl


It seems new really good Tele players keep poppin’ up. Here’s another one. Jason doesn’t waste any time, getting going with the opener, “Picky, Picky, Picky.” It’s a medium-tempo country tune with cool bends, great chickin’ pickin’, and the occasional dazzling run. And he never lets up. If you think a Tele can’t have a […]

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Emmylou Harris – Red Dirt Girl


Emmylou Harris seems to have finally found her freedom. It’s rare to follow an artist who, after almost three decades of recording, still has something new and fresh to say – and who continues to develop their sound. This new album may be Harris’ masterpiece. Long the godmother of country music’s traditionalists, Harris has moved […]

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