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Rory Block – I’m Every Woman


I’ve always thought of Rory Block as a modern country-blues, acoustic-slide playing, soulful singer. Here, she changes the program a bit. The emphasis here is on soul music. Not the stuff of Robert Johnson and delta bluesmen, (more…)

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Motorhead – Hammered


In these uncertain times, thank goodness for reassuring constants: mom’s home-cooked meals warming the belly, the Red Sox not winning a World Series… and Motorhead frying eardrums. Like the Ramones, Motorhead does one thing, and does it extremely well, again and again (in this case, a take-no-prisoners (more…)

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Eddy “the Chief” Clearwater

They say good things come to those who wait

Chicago blues guitarist Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater might be a classic example of the ancient axiom. A Windy City resident for over 50 years, Clearwater slowly but surely built (more…)

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Omar & the Howlers – Big Delta


In his 22 years as a recording artist, Omar Dykes has churned out a steady stream of solid albums (more than a dozen to date), but lately seems to be on a creative roll. He answered the multitude of jump-blues wannabes with 1999’s (more…)

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Newport Folk Festival – Best of Bluegrass 1959-1966


Before Farm Aid, Telluride, or even Woodstock, there was the Newport Folk Festival. Begun in the late ’50s, this yearly gathering molded and defined a generation’s tastes in music. It was the all-star event (more…)

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Mark Sampson: Matchess


The garage behind Mark Sampson’s Southern California home is a Batcave for vintage tube amp lovers. Dark, dusty storage areas are crammed with ancient tan-colored Vox AC-10 “TV” models from the late ’50s, Super Beatles with chrome stands, original mint-condition Vox sales and promotion banners. (more…)

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May 2003


FEATURES HENRY GROSS Open Henry Gross’ latest album is an amazing mix of pop, rock, country, and ballads. Those who remember him for nothing more than his ’70s hit “Shannon” are in for a treat. By John Heidt GARY MOORE He played with Thin Lizzy and BBM, and his solo albums are players’ favorites. We […]

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Mark Andes

Son of Straight Arrow

There probably aren’t too many fathers of rock stars who’ve had a song written about them, but such is exactly the case with veteran actor Keith Andes. His son Mark has been the bass player with such bands as (more…)

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Robert Perine

How I helped Leo Fender

In all modesty, my role was small – especially in Leo’s eyes. Here was a man whose sole interest was making guitars and amps sound better, not worrying about the immeasurable whims of advertising. He was (more…)

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Ovation Solidbody Guitars

No matter how hard they tried

Acurious phenomenon that ac-companies certain guitar compa-nies is an inability to translate success from one medium to another. For instance, Martin has never been able to transfer its reputation for high-quality acoustics to electric guitars. (more…)

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