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Monthly Archives: May 2003

Dick Dale – Better Shred than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology


Well, what needs to be said about this? The King of the Surf Guitar at his finest. This covers 1959 to 1996 and hits all the high points. All the tunes are here, even some rare stuff. And, as usual, Rhino’s packaging is exquisite. Great liner notes, plus track-by-track notes. If you are a fan […]

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D’Angelico New Yorker

Top of the line from a Master Builder

The D’Angelico New Yorker has rightfully earned its place in the Vintage Guitar Hall of Fame as one of the finest guitars in the history of the instrument. While models such as the Gibson ES-150 Charlie Christian, Fender Broadcaster, and Gibson ES-335 have achieved recognition and are worthy of Hall of Fame status based on […]

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Digitech RP-200

Budget-conscious way to go ampless

Last month, I disclosed that I’ve gone ampless in 2002. Now let’s discuss how, and with what gear. My criteria is the same as with any gear I use – it must sound great, be flexible, tough, and not cost a lot of money. After lots of gear comparisons with units from Line 6, Korg, […]

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James Armstrong – Dark Night


James Armstrong comes back from an intruder attack in his own home to serve up a record brimming with blues fire. He can’t play guitar like he did in the past because of the attack, but he has learned to play some nasty slide. And the soloing of Michael Ross and friends Joe Louis Walker […]

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Noel Redding

Up to Date With

When Vintage Guitar interviewed bassist Noel Redding in the Fall of 1992, he recounted his musical and personal history in an eloquent and easygoing manner, focusing primarily on his adventures as a member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the ’60s. And while a brief phone interview can impart only minimal chronology, fans of the […]

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Reverend Guitars

Righteous Guitars

Judging by the melee of favorable product reviews, Reverend guitars go beyond colors and chrome to inspire comments like, “…has the feel and finesse of a $2,000 guitar…instant blues machine…superior resonance and sustain…warm and midrangy with the perfect amount of upper-end shimmer and jangly sparkle…” Whence cometh these righteous instruments that spawn such praise? Would […]

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Johnny Winter

Still Alive and Well

John Dawson Winter has been a troubadour for the blues for over 40 years, plying his razor sharp licks from the Texas roadhouses where he first cut his teeth in the early ’60s through the massive audiences of rock festivals like Woodstock, to his world tours of the present day. A true original in the […]

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Buddy and Julie Miller


The family that sings together swings together. If that family is the Millers, they do more than just swing; they rock, shimmy, shake, frug, gyrate, and quiver. For readers unfamiliar with this dynamic domestic duo, Buddy Miller is a sideman extraordinaire, lately with Emmylou Harris’ Spyboy band, where he not only supplied blistering hot guitar […]

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Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


The album opens with static. The distortion bleeds into a sonic maelstrom of competing radio signals before a backbeat of drums launches the first song, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.” Welcome to Wilco’s fourth CD, which is named for a short-wave radio code and is easily the band’s finest, if not defining, moment. […]

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Amazing Rhythm Aces – Stacked Deck and Too Stuffed to Jump


A couple of issues back, I reviewed re-releases of these two albums that I said were long overdue for a number of reasons. I also complained about the poor packaging. Well, that’s been taken care of, along with better sound quality. These releases, sanctioned by the band, restore the packaging and lyric sheets in a […]

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