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Jinx Jones – License to Twang


Alrighty, then. This is some fun stuff. Not sure of Jinx’ background, but he sure can play the heck out of a Gretsch. Elements of country, rock, blues, and everything in between make up this killer guitar record. Jinx, along (more…)

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Jeffrey Halford and the Healers – Kerosene


Jeffrey and the boys specialize on one of my favorite kinds of rock and roll. You just put a few chords together, write some great lyrics, sing and play with great fervor, and off you go. On radio these days, it’s called “Americana.” (more…)

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Matthias Jabs

Still Got That Sting

It won’t be long before the Scorpions, a veteran hard rock aggregation from Hanover, Germany, celebrates its 30th anniversary of creating guitar-based music with memorable hooks for an untold number of fans around the globe. Founded in 1971, the (more…)

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Martin Taylor & David Grisman Acoustic Jazz Quartet – I’m Beginning to See the Light


David Grisman and Martin Taylor had such a good time creating their Tone Poems II album they decided to not stop there. That first album was a showcase for a stellar collection of great acoustic (more…)

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Cesar Rosas – Soul Disguise


I’ve been of the opinion for a couple of years now that Los Lobos is one of the finest rock bands around. Rosas is one of the singer/guitarists in that band. This is his first solo album, and it’s a doozy. (more…)

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Eric Johnson and Alien Love Child – Live and Beyond


This fifth effort from the Austin guitar legend imparts more of Johnson’s uncompromising, daring eclectic odysseys. His three-decade career never ceases to amaze, showcasing an informed ability to evolve, divining fiery passionate rock, sparkling jazz, elegant pop, and eloquent hybrids of (more…)

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The History of Hamer, Part Two

Part Two

Hamer was started when Jol Dantzig and Paul Hamer, partners in Northern Prairie Music in the early 1970s, moved from repairing old guitars to making new, improved versions of their “dream” vintage guitars. Their idea was to make inexpensive options for those into (more…)

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The Roger McGuinn – 12-String Guitar of Roger McGuinn


Who better to teach the Roger McGuinn style than the original Byrd himself? Using his signature Rickenbacker 360-12, McGuinn details the characteristic opening of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” highlighting the way he achieves ringing sustain with (more…)

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Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant – There’s Gonna Be A Party…


Longtime readers of this column know how much I love Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. Through the years I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing/profiling Speedy (Feb. ’94) and “SPOTLIGHTlighting” Jimmy (Dec. ’94) and Speedy (June ’95). (more…)

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June 2002


FEATURES The Different Strummer Kent Guitars In early ’62, distributers Buegeleisen & Jacobson began marketing Teisco guitars re-badged with the Kent name. Soon after, its first full line of solidbody electrics was in stores. By Michael Wright Gibson’s ES-5 Switch master and ES-350 War Two blonds? It’s a cinch! By the 1940s, musicians were seeking […]

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