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Howard Alden – Take Your Pick


Here’s a good-old-fashioned jazz guitar album from one of Concord’s young lions. Alden’s work always sounds great, whether he’s swinging with single-note runs (“The Gig”), playing chord solos (“I Concentrate on You”), or bringing new life to old warhorses on acoustic (more…)

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A.R.T. Tube Channel

A.R.T. Tube Channel

Picking through signal processors was worse than looking at distortion boxes – wide variation in features, but all aimed at (more or less) warming up the signal (especially vocals), offering some compression, and finally, if you’re lucky, some eq to throw a (more…)

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Blind Pig Records – 20th Anniversary Collection


It’s been 20 years since Blind Pig Records got its start in the humble Blind Pig Café in a basement in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the years, the label has released records by a virtual who’s who of modern blues greats, (more…)

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Bernard Allison – Times Are Changing


The times certainly are a-changing. Luther Allison’s son, Bernard, is back, unleashing a tough brand of modern blues that will blow the dust out of your speaker cones. This is new blues by a new generation. Bernard Allison is at the (more…)

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Rocky Athas

The Perfect Beast is a Matter of Tone

Ask what defines Rocky Athas’ sonic universe and the Texas-born guitarist will readily answer, “Tone,” which he best exploits in his weapon of choice, a 1962 Surf Green Stratocaster. The marriage hardly happened (more…)

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Johnny Adams – There Is Always One More Time


From the “there really can’t be a better singer around” catagory comes this set from the latter part of Adams career. It encompasses his work with Rounder from 1982 until his death in 1998. (more…)

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Audiovox and Serenader Amps

An Interview with Bud Tutmarc

Introduction With this month’s feature story on the Audiovox bass (page 80), plus a comparison between Audiovox pickup (page 81) and early Dobro pickups, it seems appropriate to also dedicate this month’s column to the “legendary” Seattle line. (more…)

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Sandblasters and The Boss Martians – Space Bar-B-Q and 13 Evil Tales


Yes, it’s surf month here at VG. There have certainly been some great releases in this genre in the past year or two. Myself and other writers at the magazine have featured the likes (more…)

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Dave Alvin – Public Domain


Dave Alvin is one of those guys you have to love. He continuously makes great albums that encompass most of the genres that make up “American” music, and he does it without much fanfare. Here, the former guitarist for the Blasters and (more…)

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Martin Barre

Three Decades with Jethro Tull

Since the late 1960s, guitarist Martin Barre has been an important fixture in the legendary British band Jethro Tull. The only Tull album on which he didn’t play was the band’s first, This Was, but he’s been (more…)

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