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Christopher Hjort and Doug Hinman – Jeff’s Book: A Chronology of Jeff Beck’s Career


It would be accurate to condense this review into one simple sentence: here’s everything you could possibly want to know about Jeff Beck, and then some. To take the example further, if one had to use but (more…)

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Gibson Guitars

The Experimental '70s

That guitar collectors are a conser-vative lot has always struck me as curious. You’d think that the instrument which “killed fascists,” in the immortal Woody Guthrie’s phrase, would inspire a more progressive attitude, at the very least. But no, most folks would like a ’50s Les Paul. Who could blame them? (more…)

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Uncle Lou’s Repro Tuner Buttons

Tuner Buttons

For years, owners of late-’50s guitars have been searching for authentic tuner buttons to replace the deteriorating or broken buttons on their axes. Because the original buttons were celluloid, they’re vulnerable to shrinking or crumbling over time, and most will eventually need to (more…)

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Toy Matinee – Toy Matinee Special Edition


I love this album. I’ve loved it since the original version came out around 1990. Toy Matinee was the work of Patrick Leonard on keyboards, Kevin Gilbert on vocals and various instruments, and lots of friends like Tim (more…)

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The Yardbirds – The Yardbirds: Ultimate


Two fallacies that invariably arise in discussions of the Yardbirds: 1) declaring them the fathers of psychedelic music and/or heavy metal; 2) focusing on their colossal lead guitar lineage at the expense of their collective personality and talent as a band. (more…)

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Danelectro Dano Minis

More tasty treats

Danelectro has been busy churning out yet another set of pedals that are inex-pensive and quite small. A good thing, since one can never have too many pedals. These are, in no particular order, a baby blue PB&J (continuing the line’s partiality (more…)

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Chip Lamason – All Young


Celtic music is a surefire melodic bromide for those who’ve grown tired of mainstream musical fare. Undulating melodic lines and complicated musical textures define the genre, which at times sounds Middle Eastern because of its serpentine forms and rhythms. Chip Lamson has (more…)

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January 2002


FEATURES The Different Strummer ’60s Yamaha Guitars The company demonstrated quality and independent design even when other importers were mostly making cheap copies. It may even have a catalyst for changing the American perception of Japanese guitars in the mid ’70s. By Michael Wright 1921 Santos Hernandez Classical Guitar A very fine and rare instrument, […]

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