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Will Lee

Letter Winner

Musicians being artists and artists needing to express themselves, it says something that Will Lee’s new album, Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions, is only his second in 20 years (his first was 1993’s Oh!). Mostly, it speaks to the fact that since James Brown is no longer with us, Lee may well now be the […]

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PRS Opens Museum/Store, Offers Factory Tours


PRS Guitars recently opened its new West Street East Museum Room and retail store at its manufacturing facility in Stevensville, Maryland. Named in tribute to founder Paul Reed Smith’s beginnings in a small shop in Annapolis, the facility serves as the base for (more…)

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Mod Kits DIY Offers Contortionist II


Mod Kits DIY’s Contortionist II is an all-analog fuzz with frequency multiplier circuitry that creates harmonics that swell and recede depending on gain setting, pick attack, neck position, and pickup. It has a Tone control and LED indicator, and operates on a 9-volt (more…)

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Electro-Harmonix Introduces Good Vibes Chorus/Vibrato


The EHX Good Vibes is a re-creation of the classic Uni-Vibe chorus/vibrato pedal. Like the original, it uses photocells for a classic sound and response, but the company says its boosted power rails give it better provide definition and headroom. Other features include true-bypass switching, (more…)

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Wampler Intros Plexi-Drive Deluxe


Wampler’s Plexi-Drive Deluxe is based on the company’s Plexi-Drive, and adds an active three-band Bass/Mids/Treble EQ stack. Its bass boost is designed to help emulate the low-end thump of a 4×12″ cabinet even at lower volume, the Bright switch add highs, and its pre-gain Boost (more…)

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Framus Introduces Legacy Acoustic Series


Framus’ Legacy acoustic series includes four models made with solid spruce or solid mahogany tops, coated strings, bone saddle and nut, and inlays made of abalone and mother of pearl. Acoustic/electrics are equipped with a Fishman Isys Plus preamp and Sonicore pickup. For more, visit www.framus.de. (more…)

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VG Helps “Antiques Roadshow” With Larson Brothers Segment


Vintage Guitar magazine recently played host to producers from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program “Antiques Roadshow” for a segment featuring Larson Brothers guitars. The episode, labeled “Bismarck, Hour 2” on program guides, will air at 8 p.m EST on Monday, February 23. Larson Brothers guitars are highly collectible acoustics made in the 1920s and […]

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Steve Miller

Some People Call Him Rock Icon, Part 2

Though obviously a familiar name given his hits from the 1970s and ’80s were FM staples and today are virtually ubiquitous on classic-rock radio, last month we talked with Steve Miller about his less-discussed musical pedigree. Literally raised in the company of some of the biggest names in guitar music (Les Paul, T-Bone Walker, etc.), […]

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Origin Effects Offers Cali76 Germanium


Origin Effects is offering versions of its Cali76 and Cali76 Parallel/Boost that use new-old-stock germanium transistors in their output stage. They combine studio-grade compression that can be adjusted to provide desired break-up with coloration that is free of negative feedback and provides fast transient recovery and (more…)

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Guitarist Sam Andrew Passes


Sam Andrew, founding member of the psychedelic-rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company, died February 12. He was 73, and reportedly suffered a heart attack following open-heart surgery. Big Brother was among the standard-bearers of the San Francisco acid-rock scene of (more…)

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