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Scott Walker Guitars Offers The Electro


Scott Walker Guitars’ The Electro is hand-built in California using an alder body, maple neck, and Walker’s signature “Nodal” neck joint, which extends the tenon to the bridge cavity, allowing the neck to be bolted on at a nodal point. It also uses a machined, (more…)

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ZZ Top, Jeff Beck Set New Dates for Postponed Shows


ZZ Top has announced that it will resume touring early next year after a delay to allow bassist Dusty Hill to recuperate from a hip injury. The band has also rescheduled several dates with Jeff Beck in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma that were affected by Hill’s injury and will now happen (more…)

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Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger

Renowned folk singer/songwriter, musicologist, organizer, and political activist Pete Seeger died January 27 at a hospital in New York City. He was 94 and passed from natural causes. Seeger was born in 1919 to Charles Seeger, Jr. and his wife, Constance. Charles Seeger is credited with helping (more…)

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Off Stage Offers BodyDouble Guitar Surround


Off Stage Products’ BodyDouble is an ABS polymer shell that protects the body of a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul while also allowing the guitar to sit higher on a player’s lap, for a more-stable playing position when seated. It has a 15″ bout (more…)

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Larry Alan Guitars Offers The Harlot Drive Pedal


Larry Alan Guitars’ The Harlot drive pedal uses a discreet transistor circuit wired for true-bypass operation. It has controls for Level and Gain, and uses polyfilm capacitors, metal film resistors, and Nuetrik connectors. It operates on a 9-volt battery or with a 9/18-volt DC adapter. (more…)

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Willie’s American Guitars turns 25


Nate Westgor and the staff at Willie’s American Guitars, St. Paul, Minnesota, are marking 25 years in business. Westgor opened the shop in 1989, after moving from Chicago with his sons, Brett and Nick. A veteran player who also traded and fixed classic guitars and amps, Westgor named the shop after his alterego and stage […]

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Movie Star, Rancher

Mid-’50s Muse of Wire and Wood

In the years immediately after World War II, Americans were settling into a new way of life, and plunging headlong toward an economic prosperity never before experienced by everyday people. Change was also afoot among the nation’s guitar manufacturers. Having been restricted by materials shortages and/or re-tooling to bolster the war effort, guitar makers like […]

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ZZ Top Suspends Tour


ZZ Top has been forced to suspend its current tour with Jeff Beck after bassist Dusty Hill slipped and fell on his hip aboard his tour bus the evening of August 26.   The affected dates include the bills shared with Jeff Beck through September 13.  Beck will perform August 29 in Salamanca, New York, August 30 in Atlantic City, […]

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Seymour Duncan Offers New Pickup Booster


The Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster pedal uses a class A/low-noise circuit design to emphasize a guitar’s natural sound. Its Resonance Switch makes the pedal interact directly with the pickups, giving single-coils a vintage humbucker sound or high-output tones. Compared to the original Pickup Booster, its (more…)

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Brian Farmer, Longtime Tech/Stage Manager For Gov’t Mule, Passes


Brian Farmer, a longtime crew member for Gov’t Mule, passed away August 24, at his home near Nashville.  He was 53 and died in his sleep. Farmer began working for Gov’t Mule in 1998 after being introduced to the band by bassist Allen Woody. He had previously (more…)

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