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Steve Morse

Blazing Ahead with Deep Purple

While many classic British bands have hung up their spurs, Deep Purple is not only fully active after 45 years, but absolutely thriving. The group regularly tours around the planet and features rock and roll icons like front man Ian Gillan, bassist Roger Glover, and drummer Ian Paice. On guitar, Steve Morse has been with […]

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Peerless Retromatic

Modern Vintage
Peerless Retromatic

Peerless Retromatic Price: $1,699 Info: While many new guitars of the last decade have touted authentic (or semi-authentic) “retro” features, the Peerless Retromatic represents an evolution in the retro-guitar revolution. That’s because in addition to its sexy design and vintage-inspired accoutrements, the Retromatic is (more…)

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Jethro Tull

Minstrel in the Gallery: 40th Anniversary: La Grande Edition
Masterwork Revisited

Jethro Tull’s 1975 masterwork gets the deluxe box-set treatment with all the trimmings. Packaged in a hardbound book cover, the set includes remastered tracks (with that classic “green” Chrysalis label); a fresh live recording from Paris in ’75; and two discs of DVD-Audio material with (more…)

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Michael Schenker

Acoustic Album, Electric Gear

One of the most influential guitarists in hard rock history, Michael Schenker has imbued the music of UFO, Scorpions, and his own MSG with soaring, light-speed guitar solos. More recently, he released Gipsy Lady, an album by his Schenker-Barden Acoustic Project, one of several non-electric projects he’s (more…)

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Steve Morse

Steve Morse

Already busy touring and recording with Deep Purple, axe virtuoso Steve Morse has added another dish to the menu – Flying Colors. Featuring well-known aces like drummer Mike Portnoy and keyboardist/singer Neal Morse (no relation), this quintet straddles the line between rock, prog, and pop with extraordinarily melodic songs. With the release of its second […]

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Providence Silky Drive and Stampede DT

Japanese Silk (and Stomp)

Providence Silky Drive and Stampede DT Price: $394 (Silky Drive); $249 (Stampede DT) Info: From the Land of the Rising Sun, Providence pedals have been building an audience among players in the Western Hemisphere thanks to a buzz regarding their versatility and stout construction. (more…)

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Mark Knopfler

The Mellow Master

You have to hand it Mark Knopfler. Not only has he launched a successful solo career, but it’s one that’s wholly apart from his Dire Straits superstardom. As opposed to that band’s snappy guitar rockers and big ’80s anthems, Mark’s solo material is introspective, traversing the (more…)

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Epiphone’s ES-339 PRO

Scale-Sized Kicks

Epiphone’s ES-339 PRO Price: $400 street Info: The Gibson ES-335 quickly revealed its versatility and tone following its introduction in 1958 – all warm ’n’ woody like a jazz archtop, or nasty and rude for blues and rock. The design got an added shot (more…)

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TTS Music BMT Overdrive

Fine-Tune Your Crunch
TTS Music BMT Overdrive

TTS Music BMT Overdrive Price: $175 Info: No, the “BMT” in the name of TTS Music’s overdrive pedal does not stand for a “bacon, mayo, and tomato.” The initials simply indicate Bass, Middle, and Treble, which are all this pedal needs (more…)

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Jeff Beck

Live +
Portait of the Guitarist As A(n Older) Man

After years of on and off seclusion, Jeff Beck miraculously morphed into a road warrior this past decade. His tour with ZZ Top last year provided the raw material for this new live album, one of Jeff’s precious few. The preponderance of song-oriented material is noteworthy (more…)

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