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Talos Basic


Music Technology’s Talos Basic is an all-tube guitar amp is designed to be simple, yet so versatile that it stands out in what has become a rather large crowd. The amp is based on a keep-it-simple philosophy that favors using a short signal path, like vintage (more…)

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Reverend Rick Vito

Tone, Style

Reverend Musical Instruments head honcho Joe Naylor began playing guitar in 1982, graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, started and ran an amp-building company, and in 1996 fired up the highly touted Reverend company in his home state of Michigan. Readers of VG (more…)

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Crate V Series Amps

Durable, versatile, and affordable

St. Louis Music has been building Crate amplifiers since the late 1970s, and straight out of the chute, they gained a reputation for being well-designed, good-sounding, affordable, and oh-so-cute in their little crate-like cabinets. Through the years, the Crate lines has (more…)

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Maxon FL-9, CS-9, and AD-9 boxes

Green flashbacks

Japan’s Maxon company has made some of the most popular guitar effects pedals of all time. But because they carried a different brand, you might not equate the box with the name. Here’s a not-so-subtle hint: green boxes. (more…)

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