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Val Bonetti

A first listen to guitarist Val Bonetti’s Wait makes one respect his playing. Subsequent listens make you appreciate his music, too. This is simply Bonetti and his acoustic, focusing on jazz but employing many other styles including classical, world music, and the blues.

Cuts like “3.25” are immediately likeable for their gorgeous changes and walking bass lines. “A Frog in the Kitchen” shows an intimate knowledge of harmonics, as Bonetti mixes them with bends, percussive notes, and a bluesy middle segment with great changes and a walking bass line. While many of the pieces are uptempo, reflective pieces like “Blue Friend,” are highlighted by lovely chord changes, while the haunting “Night Will Be Light” invokes a classical feel. “Three Views of a Secret” almost feels like an ensemble number; a jazzy piece, it floats on great chord changes while the rhythm and bass parts swing. Like the entire album, it’s an impressive solo outing.

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