Ray Mason – Old School

Ray Mason - Old School

Ray Mason – Old School

Ray Mason’s music, while being full of wonderful chord changes, quiet vocals, and lyrics with discreet meaning, is also quirky and hard to define. On this disc, the title cut is a light pop tune (in the best way) that displays that quirkiness with lines like, “Now it’s 30 years and three hours later…” The track “Question to Answer” further defines his style; it starts with light, off-beat guitar chords against funky drums. I’d describe the mood as “nervous.” In fact, much of Ray’s music could be described in that way. And that’s not a bad thing. The guitar solo has to be heard to be believed. It is, for lack of a better word, very “free,” but very fun and interesting, not annoying. “The Lure” is a country stomper with great off-the-wall changes. “Pretty Bye-Bye” mixes chimey guitars with nice drums and piano to create an exquisite sound. “Coat Check” is the kind of pop at which Ray really excels. It’s got an amazing hook, crunchy rhythm guitars, and fine slide throughout.
Mason has been making music for a long time, mostly for the fun of it, I think. His records show it. Check him out if you love classic rock and pop that takes a left turn here and there.

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