Guitarist Nick Perri Launches Guitar Brand

Guitarist Nick Perri Launches Guitar Brand

Nick Perri, former lead guitarist for Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, and others, has announced the creation of Perri Ink. Guitars. Perri designed his Protostar and Solostar models, and each guitar is handmade and built-to-order

“I have owned lots of guitars over the years, and built and destroyed many of them,” Perri said. “But this time, I am setting out with the confidence and knowledge of what really works, not what people have tried to sell me.”

The Protostar is available now, while the Solostar is slated for release in May. Each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. “Both have an array of high-fi and forward-thinking ideas, yet they have been molded into a traditional package that is sure to grab both fans of past and future guitars,” Perri added. Learn more at

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