Saul Koll to Exhibit at "Celebrate the Small Shop Luthier" at NAMM


Saul Koll is one of the luthiers participating in NAMM’s "Celebrate the Small Shop Luthier" exhibition at this year’s winter NAMM. The exhibit will feature a custom guitar from Saul’s Super Glide series.

"Our exhibit is born of the view that the small shop luthier is often a point of conversion, where innovation, craftsmanship, artistry, vision and education come together and find expression in instruments of exquisite depth and insight, as well as sonic and visual art" Carolyn Grant, Executive Director of NAMM’s Museum of Making Music. "While a few examples of this type of work are sometimes peppered throughout a show, I would like NAMM attendees to be able to see more of it, in one spot."

The exhibit is in Booth #1800, Hall E. For more, visit

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