65amps Introduces The Empire


65amps’ new Empire 22-watt combo is the result of the company’s research into the subtleties of several eras of EL34-based British amps ranging from the mid ’60s through the ’90s.

Players can select their tone of choice using a foot pedal or the select switch. The first voice is derived from that cleaner early-’60s Townsend-like tone; the second is fat and dirty ’68-’72 era; and the third is a higher-gain, hot-rodded ’80s tone. Bass, Mid and Treble controls, plus 65amps’ proprietary Bump switch let you tweak the tone to your liking. Three independent Volume controls allow you to set the level of each voice as you wish.

The Empire tube compliment consists of two 6V6s and a 12AX7 preamp. 65amps owners Peter Stroud and Dan Boul have worked their magic to make 6V6s sound exactly like vintage EL34s. The pair has been pursuing this effect since the late ’80s when they used to mod small old American amps to sound like big British amps. With over 20 years of pursuit, they discovered the exact formula! Equipped with 65amps’ proprietary "Master Voltage," the Empire can deliver amazing tone at a variety of volumes, from big stages to bedroom volumes. With the 65amps Empire, now guitarists can have those classic British sounds at their fingertips at volumes that meet modern requirements.

Find out more at 65amps.com.

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