Walter Trout Slates U.S. Tour


Walter Trout has scheduled a month-long tour in the U.S. that begins March 9 in Dallas. The roots singer/songwriter and guitarist has been promoting his 20th album <em>Common Ground</em>, with appearances throughout Europe and the U.S.

Trout’s music resides in a territory that unites the worlds of blues, rock and pure sonic adventurism, where inspiration and technique meet to create a unique soulful language. He spends much of his life bridging the U.S. and Europe, where he is so well-known and respected that the U.K.’s BBC Radio One places the Stratocaster master at number six on their list of the Top 20 guitarists of all time. Legendary BBC disc jockey Bob Harris, in his book <em>The Whispering Years</em>, calls Trout: "The World’s greatest rock guitarist." Recently, Trout’s <em>Common Ground</em> has been honored with both a nomination for BMA Blues / Rock Album of the Year by the Blues Foundation, and inclusion in Classic Rock Magazine’s 2010 Top 10 list.

The title of Trout’s latest <em>Common Ground</em> is also a prayer. He sings "If there’s a place where truth can still be found, Lord lead us to the common ground. The singer shared, "I am blown away by the polarization and cruelty in the world today. It goes beyond my understanding. I wrote the lyrics to that song as an attempt to come to terms with that, and as a wish that somehow – regardless of our faiths, nationalities and politics – we can find a place where truth and compassion can take us beyond our differences."

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