Pasquale Grasso

Pasquale Grasso
Pasquale Grasso

A genuine six-string phenomenon, Pasquale Grasso (VG, November ’21) is redefining jazz guitar with a radical approach, making one instrument sound like two. Your ears may hear a duo at the opening of “A Night in Tunisia,” but it’s the Italian flash playing, in real time, with a unique hybrid-picking technique. With heart-stopping speed, he further re-creates Charlie Parker’s iconic alto-sax intro before wild torrents of 8th- and 16th-note soloing mastery. For emphasis, Pasquale employs a warm, muted tone resembling a small amp on a vintage 78-r.p.m. record.

Pasquale Grasso: StefaniaCurto.

In “Be-Bop,” Grasso opens the throttle and burns across the fretboard of his archtop, in the grand tradition of Tal Farlow and Johnny Smith. Singer Samara Joy joins for “I’m In a Mess,” a piece of small-combo swing highlighting the guitarist’s chord comping. “Ornithology” is an improvisational tour-de-force of chops, history, and mid-century American music – his one-man-harmony technique on full display in the finale. Bassist Ari Roland and drummer Keith Balla round out the crack ensemble.

With a focus on Dizzy Gillespie and Bird compositions, Grasso’s Be-Bop! affirms there’s a new bop sheriff in town. Easily a contender for jazz-guitar album of the year.

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