Soul House Sound Releases Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals a Plus DVD

Karan Andrea, President of Soul House Sound, announces the debut of her instructional DVD <em>Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals a Plus</em>. The DVD contains a 110-minute instructional DVD, a 79-minute vocal training CD, and a booklet summary of the materials.

Guitarists can finally have a voice of their own with instruction geared specifically for their needs – for the first time. This DVD links a guitar player’s musical skills with his or her undeveloped singing voice. The instruction is a straightforward, concrete, step-by-step method. Players realize that being able to sing adds enormous marketability to any musical career, but the availability of quality vocal instruction is heavily geared toward lead or back-up singers… Until now.

<em>Guitar Player Wanted</em> invites even the most resistant guitarist to sing. Karan Andrea makes fundamental vocal skills interesting and accessible as she breaks down the misperception of singing as "some sort of mystical gift." Instead, Karan gives you a way to learn to use this "fretless instrument" with confidence. The instruction is a no-nonsense focus on what a guitarist (or any other musician) needs to learn. This approach will allow any individual to learn privately, at his or her own pace.

The CD included in this package contains three sets of vocal exercises that everyone – from the absolute beginner, to more experienced singers – can use to develop their own "muscle memory" and improve tone, intonation and range. Also featured in this package is a booklet containing a quick reference summary of the information presented in the DVD.

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