Andy Timmons

Electric Truth
Andy Timmons

Is there life after success in a glam-metal band? Many guitarists were asking themselves that question after the scene fizzled in the ’90s. Most blamed grunge.

Danger Danger’s Andy Timmons never had to worry. He thrived as a session musician and solo artist; his eighth solo release, Electric Truth, explores everything from instrumental rock to blues to pop.

Andy Timmons: SandersPhotography.

Seven of its nine songs are instrumentals showcasing Timmons’ diverse tastes and knack for melodies and killer tones. “EWF” is playful, loose funk inspired by Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist Al McKay. Producer/guitarist Josh Smith sits in on “Johnnie T,” notable for its jazz touches and dueling guitar.

Using vintage Strats, Timmons’ tasteful leads and exquisite tones shine on the percolating blues numbers “When Words Fail” and “One Last Time.” The terrific seven-minute “Shuggie” – an homage to psychedelic-soul pioneer Shuggie Otis – touches on light funk and jazz fusion with ethereal soloing.

Using his signature Ibanez AT100, “Take Me With You” builds to a shattering jam; as one of the two vocal songs, it’s solid.

While Electric Truth would feel more focused as an all-instrumental album, it’s easy to bask in Timmons’ always-stellar playing and tones.

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