Buckcherry to Help Support Spill Victims

Buckcherry are taking their desire to help raise awareness for the tragedy in the Gulf Coast one step further: as of today, a new version of the track "Our World," from the forthcoming album <em>All Night Long</em>, will be available for purchase as an iTunes exclusive with all of the band proceeds from the sales to go to charities devoted to helping victims of the oil spill – both human and animal. To download the new version of "Our World," fans can visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/our-world-gulf-spill-awareness/id378504791.

Last week, the band posted the album version of "Our World" as a free download on buckcherry.com as their offering of support, but decided that they wanted to do more. "Our World" was originally written as an anthemic cry out to help right the social, environmental, economic and other wrongs of this world.

The band reworked the lyrics to represent their commitment to expose the BP disaster and to bring awareness and support to the crisis and its victims. The track was just rewritten and recorded for this unique and unfortunate situation. Please see below for the new lyrics to "Our World."

Buckcherry’s new album, <em>All Night Long</em> is set for an August 3rd release via original independent label, Eleven Seven Music. The title track has been called "The top down anthem" by <em>Billboard</em>. In their more than decade-long career, multi-platinum artists Buckcherry have established themselves as a definitive hard rock band with a massive presence at radio. Hits such as "Lit Up," "Crazy Bitch," and "Sorry" have propelled the band’s sales to more than 3 million albums worldwide and have garnered Buckcherry two Grammynominations.

For more information, visit buckcherry.com.

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