Nick Lowe Announces Tour

Iconic British songwriter Nick Lowe will bring a full band this side of the Atlantic for a national tour for the first time this millennium.

Droves of U.S. fans have watched enraptured, as Nick has perfected his now legendary solo performances over the past ten years, culminating in his awe-inspiring Austin City Limits performance from season XX. Constant clamoring for full band renditions of his new and classic material has finally paid off, resulting in a national tour this fall. The U.S. line-up will feature Geraint Watkins (keyboards), Robert Trehern (drums), Johnny Scott (guitar) and Matt Radford (bass).

An architect of pub rock with Brinsley Schwartz and Rockpile, then later emerging as the co-founder of Stiff Records, Lowe debuted as a solo artist with pop monolith <em>Jesus of Cool/Pure Pop for Now People</em> in 1978. In recent years, Lowe has continued to produce some of his most critically-acclaimed solo albums with <em>The Impossible Bird, Dig My Mood, The Convincer</em> and most recently, the amazing <em>At My Age</em>.

Considered by Nick to be a "trilogy" of sorts, the three albums immediately preceding <em>At My Age<I/> – <em>The Impossible Bird, Dig My Mood<I/> and <em>The Convincer</em> – will be pressed on vinyl for the first time ever, hitting stores September 21. Learn more at

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