Alfred Offers Books on Guitar Soloing Strategies


Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing since 1922, is proud to partner with National Guitar Workshop to release The Improv Series for guitar, featuring two new instructional books: <em>Pentatonic Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em>, by Erik Halbig, and <em>Modal Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em>, by Jody Fisher.

<em>Pentatonic Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em> takes the most common improvisational tool, the pentatonic scale, and shows you its almost limitless possibilities. It begins with standard major and minor pentatonic scales in the five basic positions and quickly moves into challenging pentatonic variations for string skipping and sweep picking. The book culminates with a series of substitution scales, including the rootless 9th, the half-diminished, and the whole-tone augmented pentatonic scales. A CD demonstrating all the examples in the book is included.

<em>Modal Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em> is a comprehensive, multi-faceted study of the seven major-scale modes. Start applying and understanding the modes through sample licks, extended solos, and play-along tracks. In addition, you’ll play each mode in all 12 keys, learn different types of fingerings, and even discover the formula for each mode and its relationship to the diatonic chord. Soon, you’ll be harmonizing the modes and deriving them by altering other scales. A CD with play-along tracks and demonstrations of all the examples in the book is included.

<em>Pentatonic Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em> and <em>Modal Soloing Strategies for Guitar</em> are now available for $19.99 each. Pick up your copies at a local music retail store, or buy them today at

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