The Recording Guitarist, Revised and Updated


"Recording guitar and playing guitar live are as different as night and day," states author Jon Chappell in the introduction to the new fully revised and updated edition of <em>The Recording Guitarist</em>. It is a fact anyone who has every tried to lay down tracks will attest to-when it comes to getting the right sound down on tape (or hard drive as is increasingly the case) there is a whole different ethos than on stage or in the rehearsal studio. So arm yourself with the essentials before you hit the record button at your next session.

Revised and updated with a heavy focus on the modern digital-recording techniques and processes now so prevalent everywhere from desktop home setups to top recording studios, author Jon Chappell provides an invaluable reference guide that should always be in arms reach of any six-string slinger or studio engineer! Chappell’s decades of experience as musician, arranger, and journalist make <em>The Recording Guitarist</em> is the most comprehensive course available on guitar recording and perfect for both home, studio, and classroom use.

Chappell takes readers through every step of the recording process; from selecting the right guitar to amps and speakers, micing techniques, doubling tracks, adding effects, tracking vs. mixing, a glossary of important audio and recording terms, and a detailed synopsis on how to dial in the sounds of 14 classic guitarists from Dimebag Darrell, Eddie Van Halen, and Kirk Hammett to Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Morse, and Sonny Landreth. Beyond that, advice from recording industry pros such as Carl Verheyen, Al Di Meola, Alex Lifeson, and Phil Ramone explain dozens of studio tips and tricks-digital delay cascade effects, capoing, setting up a guitar for slide, using multieffects processors inline and more-for players and engineers alike to keep in their arsenal. Hundreds of diagrams and pictures throughout leave no question unanswered.

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