Mutlu – Livin’ It


Mutlu Onaral is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who mixes soul and folk into a sound that highlights the best of both.

If it sounds familiar (a la Hall and Oates), it may be because the set was produced by none other than Tom “T-Bone” Wolk. Not surprisingly, Hall makes a guest appearance on the wonderful acoustic funk of “See What It Brings.” The song highlights what’s great about this album.

Mutlu’s vocals are silky smooth, but not clichéd. He has a high-pitched voice, but not in the sense of classic soul crooners. The acoustic funk is jabbed at times by nice electric guitar fills and a soulful, vibrato-laden solo.

Wolk, known as the bassist for Hall and Oates, is a fine guitarist and plays the lion’s share of six-string.
But this record is driven by tremendous songs. “Hello Morning” is a spacey folk/soul mix with nice changes. “Marilyn” is pop heaven. “Shaky Ground” is reggae with a guest appearance by G. Love. “Make it There,” with guest Amos Lee, is a minor-key lament about the state of the streets. The choruses are gorgeous.

The centerpiece is “Mama’s Not Coming Home,” a pop/rock/soul mix with an incredible hook and a fine, if a bit depressing, story. It’s full of great changes, marvelous vocals, and soulful electric and acoustic guitar.

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