Eilon Paz

Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World’s Greatest Guitarists & Stompbox Vintage & Rarities
Eilon Paz

Lee Ranaldo (right) and J Mascis admire the Dinosaur Jr. guitarist’s 70-pound pedalboard. Photo: Eilon Paz.

Sure, we’ve all got a “thing” about guitars. And for many, amps strike a similar chord. But there’s something special about stompboxes that inspires a fetish in fans. They’re dangerous and weird and unpredictable – in all the best ways. These two books – available separately or in the double slipcase set – are like a lascivious dream for stompbox fanatics. Mastermind and photographer Eilon Paz isn’t a guitarist himself, but he certainly gets the ’box buzz.

The first book provides 514 pages focused on 100 fave effects owned by guitar greats from Jimi to SRV, Lita Ford to Jack White. The boxes are all well and truly stomped – road rash, dings, and duct-tape markers enhance these warriors, and the detailed text tells of the players’ personal love stories. It’s like a salacious Harlequin romance with guitar pedals as the handsome hero.

The second tome, Stompbox Vintage & Rarities, offers 333 rarities and oddballs from a score of collectors’ stashes in 436 pages. Weirdo Soviet pedals, crazed Japanese creations, prototypes, mad-scientist black-sheep effects, even a wacky Sears Roebuck Fuzz Face copy enhance the pages. No matter how smitten you are when it comes to effects, there’s something here you’ve never dreamed of.

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